illyDesign, freelancer designer, web design, graphic design, app design

illyDesign, freelancer designer, web design, graphic design, app design

 Illy Wolff, “A designer with a flair”.


  • A Visual art’s lecturer,  freelancer graphic & web/mobile designer and an experienced branding expert .
  • Born in Israel, a return resident from England, speaking, writing and reading Hebrew and English.
  • A Member of the ISOC (Israel Internet Association)a “Wix” Pro, Adobe expert & WordPress specialist.

I love my work! After I get the business’s SWOT, I play around making drafts using layouts, colors, images, typography and ideas.


my work is creative and fun 🙂 and the added value is that by the end
you get a better branding for your company and more clients. peace. illy”

illyDesign by illy Wolff has assisted many businesses around the world and she will be more than happy to help you too.
Please contact her with your inquirers for your company’s designs.

You will get the whole package: logo and stationary design, a responsive website and social network design, E-newsletter,
landing pages, banners,

and all your formatted promotional materials that you require.


Illy contributes to the community for many years and does volunteer projects too.

“Simply put, I couldn’t have asked for better!
After trying to use a Pakistani $100 elancer, and ending up with rubbish, I needed a website re-build, and quickly!
Illydesign had a great portfolio, which was the deciding factor, as well as a great price.
Despite the competitive price, she took her time to ensure the website was perfect, and didn’t complain when my hosting company mucked-up,
so the site couldn’t go live, or when I kept changing my mind (sorry!) about pictures, or was late with revised text.
She also, for no charge, gave me a crash course in WordPress, so I could carry on improving the website without her
(although I certainly will use her again in the future).
I cannot sufficiently recommend Illydesign, be in on time, on friendliness, on price, or on quality.”  Osher Peter Kazarnovsky MBA FCCACEO 

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